The Rise of Tiamat!

Waterdeep and beyond

Giants and Spectres and Banshees, oh my.

City of splendors perhaps, but not when you are trapped in noble conferences. Some might embrace the attention of telling their brave deeds but, frankly, I embarassed speaking well of myself and multiply so when doing so multiple times. I at least got to place that dark sword that helped us slay the foul white dragon in my Mistress’s Temple. Vic’s gifts and handsome capelet were a refreshing break from too many overstuffed shirts while figuring where our travels should lead. Too many experts bemoaning broken eggs and still they defer to our decision. I guess I should credit them, at least, with recognizing our instincts.

Our new found guide, Renn, led us quickly and ably into the Serpent Hills, despite getting used to horse travel. The road led us into bandit giants who hit hard but we were all able to quickly overwhelm with skill and numbers and bring them to view their final sunsets. I must admit that my new sword technique did not soften their might blows nearly as much as advertised. I shall try to be a little less reliant on it’s magic.

As we settled in to lick our wounds from our battle with giants, the stroke of midnight brought a horde of spectres fronted by a hideous banshee upon us. I tried to fight more tactically using my magicks but, the foul creatures set upon my fellows savagely. We were lucky to survive the quick felling of our mounted Nadarr to that awful soul-splitting wail as the rest of the spectres surrounded us and shrugged off even Black Gavin and my own fiery magicks. Thank the gods for Jamna’s timely blessings. The rest of that night passed by uneasily but, all survived to morning’s blinding glare.


We were unable to catch up to our quarry before they met there destination but, as we enter the impressive temple, we can see they have been here recently. Renn helped us make up a great deal of time. Hopefully, the temple can delay them further and hinder them more than us.


jdalessio LeeThomas

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