The Rise of Tiamat!

Through the Portal

Following the routing of Castle Naerytar, the adventures traveled though the teleporation circle located in the filthy caverns below.

Arriving at the hunting lodge described in the journals of Rezmir, the group made their way inside. Getting the attention of a kobold who was busy polishing the railing of the sweeping stairway to the second floor, the party was introduced to Talis the White, a half drow spellcaster who appeared to be the caretaker of the property.

It was discovered that Talis, a member of The Cult of the Dragon, shared the parties dislike of Rezmir. Operating under the guise of fellow cult members, she agreed to help the party in their quest to destroy Rezmir. Having been given the location of Skyreach Castle, the party set off prepared to enter the castle while pretending to be members of the cult.

In the town of Parnest, the party was accosted by a group of Rezmir’s associated. After a short battle, the hero’s prevailed and continued to the ice castle. Once in the castle, two dim witted cult members gave the group directions to Rezmir’s sleeping quarters. Kicking open the door and engaging Rezmir was the chosen strategy while Jam summoned two giant beasts to aid in the battle.

After several rounds of combat, two red wizards joined the battle and were slain in short order.

Following the battle, the party was escorted to meeting the cloud giant Blogathakus. After a brief discussion, the party decides to rest up prior to entering the ice caves below to face the white dragon.

the next morning the party enters the ice caves and after a back and forth fight defeat the white dragon.


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