The Rise of Tiamat!

Waterdeep and beyond
Giants and Spectres and Banshees, oh my.

City of splendors perhaps, but not when you are trapped in noble conferences. Some might embrace the attention of telling their brave deeds but, frankly, I embarassed speaking well of myself and multiply so when doing so multiple times. I at least got to place that dark sword that helped us slay the foul white dragon in my Mistress’s Temple. Vic’s gifts and handsome capelet were a refreshing break from too many overstuffed shirts while figuring where our travels should lead. Too many experts bemoaning broken eggs and still they defer to our decision. I guess I should credit them, at least, with recognizing our instincts.

Our new found guide, Renn, led us quickly and ably into the Serpent Hills, despite getting used to horse travel. The road led us into bandit giants who hit hard but we were all able to quickly overwhelm with skill and numbers and bring them to view their final sunsets. I must admit that my new sword technique did not soften their might blows nearly as much as advertised. I shall try to be a little less reliant on it’s magic.

As we settled in to lick our wounds from our battle with giants, the stroke of midnight brought a horde of spectres fronted by a hideous banshee upon us. I tried to fight more tactically using my magicks but, the foul creatures set upon my fellows savagely. We were lucky to survive the quick felling of our mounted Nadarr to that awful soul-splitting wail as the rest of the spectres surrounded us and shrugged off even Black Gavin and my own fiery magicks. Thank the gods for Jamna’s timely blessings. The rest of that night passed by uneasily but, all survived to morning’s blinding glare.


We were unable to catch up to our quarry before they met there destination but, as we enter the impressive temple, we can see they have been here recently. Renn helped us make up a great deal of time. Hopefully, the temple can delay them further and hinder them more than us.

Through the Portal

Following the routing of Castle Naerytar, the adventures traveled though the teleporation circle located in the filthy caverns below.

Arriving at the hunting lodge described in the journals of Rezmir, the group made their way inside. Getting the attention of a kobold who was busy polishing the railing of the sweeping stairway to the second floor, the party was introduced to Talis the White, a half drow spellcaster who appeared to be the caretaker of the property.

It was discovered that Talis, a member of The Cult of the Dragon, shared the parties dislike of Rezmir. Operating under the guise of fellow cult members, she agreed to help the party in their quest to destroy Rezmir. Having been given the location of Skyreach Castle, the party set off prepared to enter the castle while pretending to be members of the cult.

In the town of Parnest, the party was accosted by a group of Rezmir’s associated. After a short battle, the hero’s prevailed and continued to the ice castle. Once in the castle, two dim witted cult members gave the group directions to Rezmir’s sleeping quarters. Kicking open the door and engaging Rezmir was the chosen strategy while Jam summoned two giant beasts to aid in the battle.

After several rounds of combat, two red wizards joined the battle and were slain in short order.

Following the battle, the party was escorted to meeting the cloud giant Blogathakus. After a brief discussion, the party decides to rest up prior to entering the ice caves below to face the white dragon.

the next morning the party enters the ice caves and after a back and forth fight defeat the white dragon.

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

The party agrees to slay Pharblex Splattergood, the leader of the bullywug group allied with the Cult of the Dragon. Snapjaw leads the part to the entrance to the subterranean compound known to the the home of Pharblex.
After wading through the muck and the mud and slaying a few bullywugs, Pharblex was encountered with his contingent of bullywug guards. Pharblex was slain after a short battle and his head was removed and presented to Snapjaw who immediately moved to have his lizardfolk tribesmen rise against their bullywug oppressors.

Continuing to explore Castle Naerytar while the lizardfolk wrought their revenge, the party encountered a small group of cultists preparing to joint he battle, not fooled by the parties attempt to talk their way out of the fight, the cultists set up on the party. During this battle, the steward of Castle Naerytar, Dralmorrer Borngrey and his lizardman elite guard entered the fight. Shortly after Borngrey’s appearance, Rezmir, the half-black dragon that appears to be leading the Cult of the Dragons operations on the Sword Coast. After a very heated exchange, Rezmir created a circle of magical darkness and made her escape through a window on a higher floor.

Having defeated Borngrey and his loyal lizardman guard, the party barricaded themselves in a tower to take a much needed rest. Upon waking it was decided that the central keep would be the next place to explore. The front room of the keep was a comfotable looking great hall with a large fireplace with a large painting of Dralmorrrer Borngray hanging above.
With no hesitation Nadarr Myastan destroyed the painting, throwing the reminents into the blazing fire.

Working their way to the third floor, Azbara Jos was spotted on the 3rd floor in the observatory operating a very complicated looking machine. Following some trickery, Azbara was stabbed in the back as he was attempting to move downstairs to pack up his belonging and flee the battle. Entering the observatory through the observatory slit, 4 gargoyles engaged the party. With a battle running form the first through the third floor and even outside of the observatory, the party was triumphant in both slaying the gargoyles and prevent Azbara’s escape.

Continuing their exploration, the party discovered Rezmir’s private chamber and library. The library is a very complete collection of arcane and mundane knowledge. Use of the library for one day will give advantage on any knowledge based skill check. Among various treasures found were some very valuable statues along with Rezmir’s personal journal and a bag of holding. The journal contains entries explain the operation of a teleportation circle location in the caves below the castle, information on the Cult of the Dragon’s operations in the Sword Coast, and writings on the nature of the Mask of the Dragon Queen.

Uncovering a spider layer, Talos was goaded into Spider Deathmatch, he killed 3 giant spiders all while being covered in webs from the beginning of the fight. It must be noted that this was all accomplished with a magic dagger and no armor. This feat has earned him the fearful respect of spiders everywhere.

Fought otyugh, fought specters.


Following a two day rest at Daggerford, the caravan sets out north. Two new travelers of note have joined as passengers. Jamna Gleamsilver and Azbara Jos.

Jamna was immediately friendly with the other members of the caravan while Azbara only interacted with the known members of the Cult of the Dragon. Through careful observation, it was learned that Azbara was a Thayan, while not confirmed as a Red Wizard, it was highly suspected.

On the 2nd evening after leaving Daggerford, Jamna Gleamsilver struck up a conversation with the group about the Cult of the Dragon. She let it be known that while they were not working for the same people, they were working towards the same end. The only new information she was able to offer was a confirmation that Azbara Jos was indeed a Red Wizard and she has been following him for weeks now.

The following morning, the camp was awoken to a start as the Cult’s wagon teams were up in arms over the death of one of their guards sometime in the night. It was learned the guard was killed by stab wounds to the chest and stomach, but didn’t appear to have put up much of a fight. The Cult was sure that Losovious, the halfling was responsible but were unable to provide any real proof. Azbara Jos stepped forward in an attempt to calm the situation and met with success in keep the Cult from attempting to act on their accusations.

Once the caravan arrived in Waterdeep, the group arranged for Jamna to follow the Cult wagons as they moved through the city. She instructed the party to meet at the High Road Charter Company the following day around noon. She set off having adopted a magical disguise.

At the arranged meeting the following day, it was decided that the party would move on to the Carnath Roadhouse ahead of the caravan the cultist had hooked up to.

Upon arrival at the roadhouse, the party was introduced to Bog Luck, the half orc proprietor. He offered the group a place to stay in exchange for work around the place and help when the next caravan arrives in a couple of days. With all but one agreeing to work, the halfling engineer set out to improve the performance of the equipment used to load and unload gear in the warehouse. Taking advantage of the lack of supervision of the warehouse while he was working, the halfling deftly picked the lock and explored the small lock room. he uncovered a secret trap door under one of the crates in the room that smelled of foul swamp.

Later that night, the party decided to explore the tunnel and make their way into the Mere of Dead men. After several hours of travel into the swamp, the party encounter a group of lizardfolk coming towards them on the path, while most were successful in hiding, Black Gavin slipped into a puddle in the darkness and gave their position away, after a brief discussion, the lizardfolk were certain the group meant them harm and initiated an attack.

Before they could act, Black Gavin wiped our nearly half of them with a well placed fireball. After a brief battle, one lizardman was left. He made it clear that he did not wish to fight and that he thought they could work together to solve both of their problems.

Snapjaw informed the group that the “dragon kneelers” had take over Castle Naertyr and made a deal with the Scaly Death lizardfolk tribe that in exchange for metal weapons, the lizardfolk would act as porters of good between the Carnath Roadhouse and Castle Naertyr. The Cult has also made a deal with the local bullywugs to ask as the defense force for the castle. Due to their superior numbers, the bullywugs have taken to bullying the lizardfolk who know there is little they can do that will not invoke the anger of their employers.

Snapjaw wishes to stage a rebellion and with the help of the party, he believes that they can rise against their bullywug tormentors. He feels that most lizardfolk will gladly rise against the bullywugs, but it will be harder to convince them to rebel against the cult directly as they have been fair employers.

Snapjaw informed the group that the bullywugs are led by Pharblex Splattergoo, a powerful bullywug shaman who killed the previous chief of the Scaly Death tribe, Sun Caller. It is known that Splattergood spends much of his time in the caverns beneath the castle where the lizardfolk are not allowed.

The Long Road North Part 2

Several days outside of Baldur’s Gate, the party came across a single wagon being attack by a large group of hobgoblins. Coming to the rescue of the stranded merchant and guards, the PCs routed the hobgoblin force, leaving none alive.
Cerban Highvatten was incredibly thankful for the assistance. Although he had very little money to give, he instructed the party to find the guildhouse of the Amcathea family and present his signed and sealed letter to claim a reward.

In the abandoned hamlet of Troll Claw Ford, the party was attacked by and defeated two perytons.

Days later at a holdfast, the party encountered a pair of very inquisitive sisters who ended up being dopplegangers attempting to assume the identity of “Black” Gavin Candlefield. In a very inept attempt to capture Gavin, one of the dopplegangers was slain while the other managed to slink away.

The party arrived at the town of Daggerford where the caravan will be spending two days prior to the final push to Waterdeep.

The Long Road North

The party was rewarded with horses and instructed to ride to the city of Elturel to meet up with Leosin Erlanthar and Onthar Frumme.

Onthar and Leoson were easily found as “A Pair of Black Antlers”, an inn and tavern in central Elturel. After a day of celebration and physical contests, the party met with Onthar and Leosin and it was revealed that they are members of much larger organizations, The Order of the Gauntlet and The Harpers

The members of the group were offered membership in either.

After discussion regarding the plans of The Cult of the Dragon, the party agreed to travel to Baldur’s Gate in an attempt to join the same caravan heading north that The Cult is expected to be using to move their ill gotten gains north past Waterdeep, into the Mere of Dead Men.

Traveling to Baldur’s Gate the party found work as body guard to individual merchants making the trip north. Eight wagons carrying what the group believes to be Cult treasure have joined the caravan of 35 total wagons heading north.


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