Half-Drow Eldritch Knight


A thoughtful follower of Eilistraee , Talos uses his sharp mind and considerable strength to step into the light beyond the shadowy expectation so deeply tied to his race’s history. He wields a wicked looking dagger or two handed sword while protected by Adamantium scaled armor.


Talos was raised in a Wizard’s tower after being orphaned by an attack on his family and clan. Inspired by his savior’s arcane surroundings, he consumed all the books around him that he could comprehend. He favored a souvenir two-handed sword that was a trophy of past adventures and later received tutelage in it’s use as well as in the arcane arts. As his skills grew, he was guided to the church of Eilistraee by his mentor and guardian to walk a brighter path and be at peace as a drow living on the surface.


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