The Rise of Tiamat!

The Long Road North Part 2

Several days outside of Baldur’s Gate, the party came across a single wagon being attack by a large group of hobgoblins. Coming to the rescue of the stranded merchant and guards, the PCs routed the hobgoblin force, leaving none alive.
Cerban Highvatten was incredibly thankful for the assistance. Although he had very little money to give, he instructed the party to find the guildhouse of the Amcathea family and present his signed and sealed letter to claim a reward.

In the abandoned hamlet of Troll Claw Ford, the party was attacked by and defeated two perytons.

Days later at a holdfast, the party encountered a pair of very inquisitive sisters who ended up being dopplegangers attempting to assume the identity of “Black” Gavin Candlefield. In a very inept attempt to capture Gavin, one of the dopplegangers was slain while the other managed to slink away.

The party arrived at the town of Daggerford where the caravan will be spending two days prior to the final push to Waterdeep.


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