The Rise of Tiamat!

The Long Road North

The party was rewarded with horses and instructed to ride to the city of Elturel to meet up with Leosin Erlanthar and Onthar Frumme.

Onthar and Leoson were easily found as “A Pair of Black Antlers”, an inn and tavern in central Elturel. After a day of celebration and physical contests, the party met with Onthar and Leosin and it was revealed that they are members of much larger organizations, The Order of the Gauntlet and The Harpers

The members of the group were offered membership in either.

After discussion regarding the plans of The Cult of the Dragon, the party agreed to travel to Baldur’s Gate in an attempt to join the same caravan heading north that The Cult is expected to be using to move their ill gotten gains north past Waterdeep, into the Mere of Dead Men.

Traveling to Baldur’s Gate the party found work as body guard to individual merchants making the trip north. Eight wagons carrying what the group believes to be Cult treasure have joined the caravan of 35 total wagons heading north.


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