The Rise of Tiamat!


Following a two day rest at Daggerford, the caravan sets out north. Two new travelers of note have joined as passengers. Jamna Gleamsilver and Azbara Jos.

Jamna was immediately friendly with the other members of the caravan while Azbara only interacted with the known members of the Cult of the Dragon. Through careful observation, it was learned that Azbara was a Thayan, while not confirmed as a Red Wizard, it was highly suspected.

On the 2nd evening after leaving Daggerford, Jamna Gleamsilver struck up a conversation with the group about the Cult of the Dragon. She let it be known that while they were not working for the same people, they were working towards the same end. The only new information she was able to offer was a confirmation that Azbara Jos was indeed a Red Wizard and she has been following him for weeks now.

The following morning, the camp was awoken to a start as the Cult’s wagon teams were up in arms over the death of one of their guards sometime in the night. It was learned the guard was killed by stab wounds to the chest and stomach, but didn’t appear to have put up much of a fight. The Cult was sure that Losovious, the halfling was responsible but were unable to provide any real proof. Azbara Jos stepped forward in an attempt to calm the situation and met with success in keep the Cult from attempting to act on their accusations.

Once the caravan arrived in Waterdeep, the group arranged for Jamna to follow the Cult wagons as they moved through the city. She instructed the party to meet at the High Road Charter Company the following day around noon. She set off having adopted a magical disguise.

At the arranged meeting the following day, it was decided that the party would move on to the Carnath Roadhouse ahead of the caravan the cultist had hooked up to.

Upon arrival at the roadhouse, the party was introduced to Bog Luck, the half orc proprietor. He offered the group a place to stay in exchange for work around the place and help when the next caravan arrives in a couple of days. With all but one agreeing to work, the halfling engineer set out to improve the performance of the equipment used to load and unload gear in the warehouse. Taking advantage of the lack of supervision of the warehouse while he was working, the halfling deftly picked the lock and explored the small lock room. he uncovered a secret trap door under one of the crates in the room that smelled of foul swamp.

Later that night, the party decided to explore the tunnel and make their way into the Mere of Dead men. After several hours of travel into the swamp, the party encounter a group of lizardfolk coming towards them on the path, while most were successful in hiding, Black Gavin slipped into a puddle in the darkness and gave their position away, after a brief discussion, the lizardfolk were certain the group meant them harm and initiated an attack.

Before they could act, Black Gavin wiped our nearly half of them with a well placed fireball. After a brief battle, one lizardman was left. He made it clear that he did not wish to fight and that he thought they could work together to solve both of their problems.

Snapjaw informed the group that the “dragon kneelers” had take over Castle Naertyr and made a deal with the Scaly Death lizardfolk tribe that in exchange for metal weapons, the lizardfolk would act as porters of good between the Carnath Roadhouse and Castle Naertyr. The Cult has also made a deal with the local bullywugs to ask as the defense force for the castle. Due to their superior numbers, the bullywugs have taken to bullying the lizardfolk who know there is little they can do that will not invoke the anger of their employers.

Snapjaw wishes to stage a rebellion and with the help of the party, he believes that they can rise against their bullywug tormentors. He feels that most lizardfolk will gladly rise against the bullywugs, but it will be harder to convince them to rebel against the cult directly as they have been fair employers.

Snapjaw informed the group that the bullywugs are led by Pharblex Splattergoo, a powerful bullywug shaman who killed the previous chief of the Scaly Death tribe, Sun Caller. It is known that Splattergood spends much of his time in the caverns beneath the castle where the lizardfolk are not allowed.


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