The Rise of Tiamat!

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

The party agrees to slay Pharblex Splattergood, the leader of the bullywug group allied with the Cult of the Dragon. Snapjaw leads the part to the entrance to the subterranean compound known to the the home of Pharblex.
After wading through the muck and the mud and slaying a few bullywugs, Pharblex was encountered with his contingent of bullywug guards. Pharblex was slain after a short battle and his head was removed and presented to Snapjaw who immediately moved to have his lizardfolk tribesmen rise against their bullywug oppressors.

Continuing to explore Castle Naerytar while the lizardfolk wrought their revenge, the party encountered a small group of cultists preparing to joint he battle, not fooled by the parties attempt to talk their way out of the fight, the cultists set up on the party. During this battle, the steward of Castle Naerytar, Dralmorrer Borngrey and his lizardman elite guard entered the fight. Shortly after Borngrey’s appearance, Rezmir, the half-black dragon that appears to be leading the Cult of the Dragons operations on the Sword Coast. After a very heated exchange, Rezmir created a circle of magical darkness and made her escape through a window on a higher floor.

Having defeated Borngrey and his loyal lizardman guard, the party barricaded themselves in a tower to take a much needed rest. Upon waking it was decided that the central keep would be the next place to explore. The front room of the keep was a comfotable looking great hall with a large fireplace with a large painting of Dralmorrrer Borngray hanging above.
With no hesitation Nadarr Myastan destroyed the painting, throwing the reminents into the blazing fire.

Working their way to the third floor, Azbara Jos was spotted on the 3rd floor in the observatory operating a very complicated looking machine. Following some trickery, Azbara was stabbed in the back as he was attempting to move downstairs to pack up his belonging and flee the battle. Entering the observatory through the observatory slit, 4 gargoyles engaged the party. With a battle running form the first through the third floor and even outside of the observatory, the party was triumphant in both slaying the gargoyles and prevent Azbara’s escape.

Continuing their exploration, the party discovered Rezmir’s private chamber and library. The library is a very complete collection of arcane and mundane knowledge. Use of the library for one day will give advantage on any knowledge based skill check. Among various treasures found were some very valuable statues along with Rezmir’s personal journal and a bag of holding. The journal contains entries explain the operation of a teleportation circle location in the caves below the castle, information on the Cult of the Dragon’s operations in the Sword Coast, and writings on the nature of the Mask of the Dragon Queen.

Uncovering a spider layer, Talos was goaded into Spider Deathmatch, he killed 3 giant spiders all while being covered in webs from the beginning of the fight. It must be noted that this was all accomplished with a magic dagger and no armor. This feat has earned him the fearful respect of spiders everywhere.

Fought otyugh, fought specters.


I credit Eilistraee’s grace and power in allowing me to finally meet a more dramatic version of the Drow trial I was not able to face as youngster. Along side the support and encouragement of you companions, the mere dispatching of a few spiders has served to illustrate the righteousness of our path and the backing of our individual deities. We are all more than the armor, weapons and magicks we wield. May Her silvery gaze watch over us all.

Have Fun Storming the Castle!
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